The olive trees

The OliveOilTour starts by taking a walk though a beautiful olive grove, located near a typical white-washed Andalusian village, with breathtaking views of Sierra Nevada. Some of the olive trees are several hundred years old, so these ancient groves have many things to show us.

Our guide will explain why olive trees are one of the main pillars of Mediterranean culture. You will see the irrigation channels that have been used since the Roman times and that are still used nowadays, and learn why the harvest is so important for the quality of this exquisite liquid gold! How many years can an olive tree live? When does it produce olives? What is the difference between green and black olives? How many different varieties of olives are there in the world?

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You will find the answers to all these questions and any others you may have, and you might even be able to pick an olive from the tree and eat it -you surely will be surprised!