Scrumptious dessert with chocolate and extra virgin olive oil!

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In a previous blog we shared with you a delicious recipe that can be found in Ferran Adrià’s book “La comida de la familia”. This book shows us what the master chef and the staff (“The family”) of the famous restaurant elBulli used to eat, and how they organized their daily menus to make them easy to prepare, healthy, balanced, affordable and delicious.

Since we have already shown you how to prepare a mouthwatering entrée from “La comida de la famila”, now it is time for a dessert! You will see how easy and quick it is to prepare it:
Bread with chocolate and extra virgin olive oil
Ingredients (serves 6):
– 6 slices of bread
– 180 grams of dark chocolate
– 60 milliliters extra virgin olive oil
– Flake salt
Grate the dark chocolate and toast the bread. Spread the grated chocolate on top of the bread while it is still warm. Pour the extra virgin olive oil over the chocolate covered bread, and then sprinkle with the flake salt. Enjoy!

This dessert is also a really good breakfast or afternoon snack, and everybody loves it!

You can find more recipes and tips in “La comida de la familia”.