Amber 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon-Syrah

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We are happy to announce that once again this year, we have selected “Amber” for our wine tastings. This local young red author wine comes from our region and is a delicious Cabernet Sauvignon-Syrah blend. It has delighted our palates more than any previous years!

“Amber” is produced in “La Bodega de Ignacio”- Ignacio’s winery-, where Ignacio proudly elaborates his excellent wine. His 1400 vines are located at the foot of Sierra Nevada, in a beautiful setting which has a microclimate that allows the wine to reach incredible characteristics.

The 2011 vintage delighted everybody’s palates, with its deep-red tones and its nice acidity. “Amber 2012” is, according to Ignacio’s words, his “best wine ever, the best campaign that he could have ever hoped for”. We agree with him indeed.

“Amber 2012” is a brilliant, clear and clean dark cherry-colored red young wine. It is fully bodied, earthy and fruity. It has an elegant acidity, and round tannins. Its wild berries and green pepper aromas surround you when you smell it, and it tastes as it smells. As Ignacio says, it is a perfect wine to drink when you are with your friends, sharing a good laugh, good conversations, and good tapas. Also delicious with grilled meats!

We understand why Ignacio is so proud to produce this wine, helped by his family, and we will continue sharing his passion with all of you.