Beautiful Views

This tour will allow you to discover the amazing world of olive oil, as well as the colourful and diverse countryside of the South of Granada! You will be able to feel the essence of Andalusia’s magical nature.

From the moment we leave the city, until we come back, the Sierra Nevada is always present. Along the way you will see many of the typical Mediterranean crops and some modern windmills. Depending on the season, you will be able to admire the poppies, and the blossoming of different trees such as almond, pomegranate, cherry, persimmon, plum, pear, quince and fig trees, as well as grapevines.
You will breathe pure fresh air, hear the birds chirping and the water flowing through the irrigation channels, and sometimes you’ll even get to see the shepherds with their flocks of sheep and goats.

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The visit will lead you to a typical white-washed village surrounded by olive and almond trees, located over 900 meters (3000 ft.) above the sea level, at the foot of the Sierra Nevada’s natural park. After a short drive we will arrive at the main square, to take in the beauty of a 16th century Mudéjar-style church and drink pure spring water from Sierra Nevada.

The spring water flows generously in this region, from the snow of the Sierra Nevada, to the fountains and irrigation channels of the village and the groves. This water is famous for its high quality and benefits, and the people here are known to live many years probably thanks to this precious water. Legend has it, if you have a sip, you’ll get younger!